About JOHN

Born in 1947, John Rudkin showed a natural talent and love of painting from an early age. His early career as an artist design engraver was a firm foundation to train his "eye" for shapes and forms and was to be of great value for his freehand painting which was to follow.

In his free time he painted the landscapes of Derbyshire and Yorkshire, specialising in watercolours and also oil and acrylic.

His superb attention to detail not only records the scene accurately, but also captures the light, atmosphere and peacefulness of the landscape.

In 1985 John was elected a full member of the British Watercolour Society, Associate of the Yorkshire Artists Society and Fellow of the International Guild of Artists.

It was success like this and an ever increasing demand for his work that allowed John to become a full-time artist and make art his way of life.

Original watercolours and limited editions of John's work are represented in private collections throughout the world.

These days John can be found travelling the world, accompanied by his wife Audrey. He enjoys painting a wide variety of locations and is always busy with many corporate and private commissions, both home and abroad.

He still finds inspiration from the landscapes and scenery of Yorkshire and is always looking for new aspects, to expand his ever-growing portfolio.

John often exhibits his work at locations in and around South Yorkshire; for information on any upcoming events or news about John then please visit the News & Events page.